Laura Tang
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Laura Tang is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt from Singapore. She is a BJJ Assistant Coach, Referee and Athlete.

Nationality: Singaporean / City of Residence: Melbourne – Australia.
Competitor Weight Division: 53.5 kg
Team / Affiliation: Cia Paulista International / Cia Paulista Australia and
Fratelli Leteri Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Leteri Bros)
Other Disciplines / Martial Arts:
Academic Education:
Diploma of Health Sciences - Melbourne (AUS) - 2016
Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science – Melbourne (AUS) – 2018
: English (native), Mandarin

Laura is a brown belt under Professor Marcel Leteri Sasso de Oliveira. She started her BJJ journey in Singapore in 2011, and since then, she has lived and trained in UK (London, Bournemouth), and now Australia. Under Marcel’s guidance, she has started learning how to coach, and now has 3 years of experience as a coach. She was an assistant coach at both DMD’s MMA (Cia Paulista Brunswick) and Martial Spirit. She also started refereeing under Marcel’s guidance at the end of 2017, and is now one of the most active female referees in Australia. She has refereed in various competitions both big and small throughout Victoria, and has refereed on a state level in Victoria, South Australia, and Australian Capital Territory. She also competes on a regular basis, and is the #1 ranked Female Purple Belt throughout Australia in both Gi and No-Gi for the 2019 season. She is also a 2019 National Champion, as well as the State Champion in 3 different states; Victoria, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory. She is also an Exercise and Sport Science graduate from Deakin University, with a strong knowledge of anatomy and its application in the design of exercise programs. She has experience in assessing individuals and athletes, and writing programs to best suit their needs, as well as knowledge in designing sport specific strength and conditioning programs to aid athletes in achieving their sporting goals.

Competitor Achievements | Refereed Competitions

Moreland Leader's Front Page, Laura Tang featured as Local Sports Star.
Laura Tang and Coach Marcel Leteri featured on the Moreland Leader's Front Page as Local Sports Star.

Moreland Leader's Article, Laura Tang featured as Local Sports Star.
Laura Tang and Coach Marcel Leteri featured on Moreland Leader's Article as Local Sports Star.

Instagram: @LauraTangDoodles

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