BJJ Kids Group Classes, a great way to learn, have fun and make friends.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great martial art for kids to learn as self-defense. It’s grappling based, and doesn’t involve punches or kicks, teaching instead how to control opponents in a safe and controlled manner through the use of leverages and dominant positions. It also brings a social aspect to your child’s life, and keeps them active in a fun and engaging manner, while teaching them important life skills. Enrol your kids in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes to teach them self defense, confidence, respect, and discipline through martial arts! Bring your kids down for a free trial with us today!

BJJ Adults Group Classes, join a supportive family, keep fit and learn self defence.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great form of self-defence or sporting activity for adults. Classes are a well-balanced mix for those who want to pursue it competitively, and those who just do it recreationally as a form of social activity. Each class starts with a ground warm up, incorporating technical movements that aid in sparring, before moving on to techniques and then some light sparring at the end. All this is conducted in a safe and controlled environment, with a world class coach looking after you each step of the way.

BJJ Private Classes, for kids and adults, the best value for money.

Private classes are a great way to accelerate your learning, for those who work hours which doesn’t permit them to join normal group classes, or begin learning when you’re not comfortable in a group setting at first. Bjj Brunswick caters to a large variety of different learning needs, with private classes available for those who want to learn in a pressure free environment with just the coach present. Some of our students who have begun in his manner have now successfully integrated into our group classes, with a better understanding of their basics from a more private setting in the beginning.

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